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Jewelry to adorn your person

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Mythical Companions

Simply Stunning! Lovingly handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Mythical Companions Collection
 brings Magical guidance for life's journey. Designed by Fantasy artist Anne Stokes, each pendant features
 crystal and gold adornments, and comes with a 925 Silver chain and gift box.

Divine Pegasus

Divine Pegasus for Inspiration
by Anne Stokes


The immortal winged horse – flying equine
of the Greek Muses – is symbol of inspired
 imagination. Imposed on the magickal
Pentagram and adorned by a crystal jewel,
Pegasus encourages natural creativity.

Approximate size: 1"

Dragon Goddess

Dragon Goddess for Balance & Harmony
by Anne Stokes


Babylonian Mother Goddess Tiamat took
dragon form while giving birth to her
invincible children. She then magically divided
one half becoming Sky, and her other
half Earth, to rule for all eternity.

Approximate size: 1"

Celestial Dragon

Celestial Dragon for Inner Peace
by Anne Stokes


Favorite of the Chinese emperors, the
Celestial Dragon’s scales hold the magical
secrets of Yin and Yang. Protecting a crystal
in the color sacred to the fabled Terracotta
Army, Celestial Dragon ensures
triumph over evil.

Approximate size 1"


Amphisibaena for Cosmic Protection
by Anne Stokes


Two-headed Amphisbaena watches over
the wearer – while one head sleeps, the
other is always alert and on guard. The
magical energy of the pentagram, with
crystals at each elemental point, gives the
design added power for many
positive purposes.

Approximate size: 1"

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Griffin of Nemesis

Griffin of Nemesis for Universal Justice
by Anne Stokes


Nemesis,Goddess of Justice, delivered
judgment from a chariot drawn by eight
Griffins. Our Griffin is shown with his feet
firmly on the wheel so the symbol of
Justice reinforces the perfect symmetry
of the Pentagram.

Approximate size:

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