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A Rainbow of Spirituality
Dale your host
Your host, Dale

If you have questions about sales or the site, please email me, and I will do my best to answer them.

If your questions are more of a spiritual nature, it deems meet, that I give you some of my credentials

Personally, I have studied many different spiritual paths in the course of my life.

I was raised "Christian" in a very loose sense ... no church was mandated ... but basic Christian beliefs were taught.
As I grew older, I began to question the other practices I saw around me, and began exploring. I studied the Mormon faith for 18 months.

I got involved in Native American traditions and beliefs for well over two years with Chief Two Trees in Old Fort, North Carolina. This is where I learned different healing techniques and was certified as second degree Reiki healer. I participated in various Native American ceremonies. Received a vast influx of knowledge in the field of holistic medicine ... herbs and minerals versus medical cures and cover ups. I had the opportunity to travel the Four Corners area of the United States, and was able to learn and share with both the Navaho Elders and Hopi Elders. I spent over a year in Fairbanks, Alaska, and learned much from the Native Americans and Eskimos in this part of the world.

I became a practicing Wiccan for almost two years...and loved that...the worship of The Mother was wonderful and this probably left me feeling the most complete...however I encountered some problems that I misinterpreted, with a spell called Jacob's Ladder...and I dropped that path. In late 2003 I moved back into the Wiccan Path in many areas of my life and study. I am the High Priest of the coven "Pagan and Proud of it"

I also studied with Jehovah's Witnesses for eight years and became an ordained minister with them ... only to have problems with the condemnation of all other people that were not "them".

I studied the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism under Gurymayi Chidvilasanda for four years.

Currently, I am on my chosen path of what I refer to as Celtic Shamanic Wicca ... a very eclectic mix for myself, that works well with Celtic traditions, Native American Traditions, and, of course Wicca. I do not see myself leaving this Path, as it has been my Path for several years now.

I read the cards, and use a deck called, The Well Worn Path ... a Wiccan Deck.

I now work, online, at various levels to teach, and to learn, and, of course, to share. I am always honored for questions sent my way. If you have any, please do not hesitate to send me an email I will get back with you in a relatively short period of time.

Other places to get to learn a bit more about me, and places and forums to share information
  • A Rainbow of Spirituality forum
  • A Rainbow of Spirituality.org, a spiritual information site.
  • Care2.com forum An educational & spiritual platform for teachers, students, healers, guides and seekers of Spirituality
  • Proceeds from sales flow into a coven welfare fund that is designed to take care of your spiritual sisters and brothers in time of need and hardship. Throughout our journey of life, we find ourselves in times of need to call upon our fellow spiritual brothers and sisters.... This site is designed to meet the needs of our coven members, which encompasses  50 plus, members This coven is of international level... as ritual is performed online via a chat room designed specifically for this and offered by the High Priestess.

  • You can view our coven site here "Pagan and Proud of it!"
  • Do rest assured that 100 percent of profits from sales on this site flow into the coven welfare fund. At this time, hosting fees are being handled outside of the coven fund... by the owner of this site.
Blessed Be,
Dale Hyde, High Priest
Esta Weiss, High Priestess

Church of Spiritual Humanism:

A religion based on the ability of human beings to solve the problems of society using logic and science.

Most people need a religion to help guide them through life's challenges and difficult moral decisions. Recognizing how the power of religious rituals, methods, and communication can impact human behavior, Spiritual Humanism fuses traditional religious behaviors onto the foundation of scientific humanist inquiry.

While it is impossible to remove age old traditions from human culture, we can redirect them by redefining their underlying significance and meanings. Spiritual Humanism is natural, not supernatural. By using a method of scientific inquiry we can define the inspirational divine spark inherent in all living creatures.

Universal Ministry's Doctrine

The Universal Ministries is a nondenominational Ministry founded in the truth of accepting the rights of all to follow their own personal beliefs without our intervention. We uphold the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, and the right of the individual to legally worship as they please.

Since being originally ordained in the Universal Life Church, and as Ministers in good standing with them, we have founded the Universal Ministries as a truly independent nondenominational order. With members belonging to several denominations, we created The Universal Ministries to encompass all beliefs, and invite all members to contribute to the weekly sermons.

The Doctrine of this Ministry that we "Do what is right, live fruitful lives, be true to ourselves and the God each of us worship, while causing no harm to others, and accept the individual's right to worship as they see fit within the laws of their respective countries."

Through the expansion of our current and future membership we will share the beliefs of many forms of enlightenment. We invite not just Christians, but the Jewish, Wiccans, Pagans, Bahai, and all others to join us in our individual search for enlightenment.

We acknowledge that spiritual growth comes from finding the truth in our individual ways throughout life. Each of us must find our own Holy Grail. Through this statement of our faith, the Universal Ministries willing share with everyone that wishes, the benefits of our organization



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